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Kitchens bring family together!

Lets face it, the kitchen is where all the magic happens in a home. So why is it when a house is built the least amount of craftsmanship and quality go into the kitchen? The two main reasons are time and money. Most builders use standard factory made cabinets that are mass produced and are manufactured with the cheapest materials possible. This helps maximize the profits for both the manufacture and the contractor who builds your home. The average life expectancy of these kitchens is usually less than 10 years (we have seen less). You may think that that is ok because you don't expect to stay in your house that long. When you consider moving, your kitchen will not be an asset that helps you sell your home like it could be had it been handcrafted from quality materials. You know that feeling when you are house hunting and you fall in love with a good quality kitchen. You imagine all the family get togethers and entertaining that you will be able to do. When considering your next home improvement project, demand that a dose of good old craftsmanship is used.

We at Artistic Wood Designs, sit down with each and every customer to determine their exact needs and develop a plan that exceeds their expectations. We have shown our customers time and time again that handcrafted quality does not have to be expensive.

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